settle all your betting pools accordingly

1 May 2009. Lamppost in a QuikTrip parking lot. Damage superficial on visual examination; true extent unknown.

If any of you have difficulty collecting your winnings, I know an incompetent driver who might help you break some kneecaps.
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LOL! It happens to everyone, and just about everyone I can think of hit some sort of post in a parking lot/gas station.

Lolly totaled a car in the parking lot at the high school when she hit a lamp post. I hit a cement pump guard at a gas station in NC, but it was just enough to transfer ugly-ass yellow paint onto my bumper and I can't get it off.
Hee! Now that I've calmed down a bit, I'm just glad I didn't hit anything sentient that could claim that I'd given it whiplash.
Exactly. Of all things to hit, lamp posts and mailboxes are some of the least likely to sue your ass or suffer grievous personal injury.