mad tea party

spoiler alert!

I went to my actual doctor on Wednesday to figure out what was wrong with me, because not only was I still coughing, but I felt like I'd been run over by a truck, and even I couldn't believe that this was a normal stage of recovery.

It turned out that I had (spoilers!) bronchitis. This was a relief at the time, because my hypochondriacal web browsing the night before was leading me to conclude that I either had contracted pneumonia, had asthma, like my grandfather and my brother and my aunt who was just recently diagnosed even though she must have had it all her life, or, of course, both, with the former triggering the latter in a neverending cycle of DOOM.

I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and, in a pleasant surprise, was not allergic to them. I also got my own albuterol inhaler, a taste, literally, of my brother's medicine. It was very slightly soothing to my unhappy bronchial tubes, and I suppose that I coughed slightly less and slept slightly more soundly than I would have without it.

As it was, I slept for practically five days straight. Gradually I was able to stay awake and focus for longer periods of time, working my way first through a stack of Baby-sitters Club books that my mom had picked up for me at a garage sale, conveniently placed by my bedside, and later through series three of New Who, watched with my mother and in the living room.

I have just now gotten back to the internets, sweet internets (skip=400, oy). See, there are computers at my parents house, but you have to sit up to use any of them and I really was not feeling up to that ...

I cannot say that I recommend bronchitis. Unless you have enemies, in which case I will recommend bronchitis to them and gladly!

ETA: Was there ever any good Master/Doctor fic written that any of you are aware of? I mean, those episodes were basically porn and I want more.
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It knocked me around last year for a few months (I think I ended up missing work for a month in total?) and ugh, I would wish it on no one.

Take care of yourself!
Hugs from the boys! Poor baby. I'm glad you're getting better now, though. (And I'm sorry I have no InuTez iconses to cheer you up with.)
I'm sure Inui would have cured me with his latest juice! (Or killed me. Of course, there was definitely a period where either of those things would have seemed like a good idea ... )
Yikes! I'm sorry about the Surprise Bronchitis; I had that last summer and it was No Good. Staying super-hydrated helped me feel better once I was at the going-back-to-work stage. Ginger tea was especially nice (it may have some expectorant properties.)

It does Just Take A While, though. I kept telling myself "well, it took me a few weeks to GET that sick, so it'll take a few weeks to get back."

I don't know first-hand about Doctor/Master (except I think Versaphile is writing a very large saga about them, called Praxis) but I have recently discovered the joys of trawling delicious for fic links. So, uh, I recommend that, if you don't get specific recs.
Those are both excellent suggestions!

Oooooooooooooh, someone's doing a podfic version of versaphile's fic! I can listen to it at work!

*settles in with tea and delicious*
I've been touched by brochitis before as well, hope the antibiotics clear it all up quickly and in one go!

Very cool seeing you down the headquarters way earlier, didn't know you were feeling well enough to be back at work yet. :)