things I am relying on to get through the day

* (still more) cough syrup
* benzocaine lozenges for my sore throat
* Excedrin for my raging fever and my sore everything else
* chamomile tea
* comfort audiobooks (Anne of Green Gables)

Two more hours, two more hours, two more hours ....
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Ack, I hope you feel better soon! It's so miserable to be sick, especially when it drags on and on.

Mmm, those are some of my very favorite comfort authors! Most audiobooks I clear out of iTunes as soon as I'm done listening to them, but then I stockpile others because you never know when you will need to listen to, say, Jane Eyre RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.
Oh yes, the voice and the skill of the reader makes such difference, especially with something in the public domain where you may have options ranging from the brilliant to the indifferent.

I wouldn't mind having that version of Jane Eyre, since you recommend it so highly! *bats eyelashes*

I listen to audiobooks or podcasts all day at work and it really makes the time fly, especially on the boring days.
Oh, thank you so much! If I ever manage to turn up a cleaner copy, I'll be delighted to return the favor! Our library only has the Susan Ericksen version, which was what I had ripped, but I can try my luck with our lovely interlibrary loan department.
Thank you so much for the well-wishing! I am so very glad to be well again, and terribly sorry for everything lovely I missed while I was convalescing.