Mizuki sulks

finer points of etiquette

I just bent to tie my shoe and felt with a sickening sound the rip in the crotch of my jeans.

Do I commit harakiri right here at the office, or is it okay to wait until I get home first?
Eeek! Do you have a pashmina or a cardigan or something you can keep on your lap all day?
Having scuttled into the restroom and examined the site in a full-length mirror, I am pleased to report that the problem is not visible, assuming, of course, that it remains contained to its present region. I do have a cardigan as a second line of defense!
Happened to me at Liberty once. I tied a jacket/shirt around my waist so nobody would notice.
Oh man, that would be dreadful. One would be certain that Janet was ogling one's exposed flesh and getting off on it.
Oh, of course! I stepped on my shoelace to untie it in the first place, so I feel that there is hardly any hope for me. :D
oh lord. when i was in middle school this happened to a friend of mine—she fled to the girls' bathroom, and friend #2 and i got a needle & thread from the art room & sewed up the rip. (i'm sure the quality of the stitches left something to be desired!)
That? Is awesome. I wish I had had someone that smart and resourceful today, even though it turned out that I didn't actually need it.
This happened to me a number of times in grade school in the mid-70's, back when my mother used to make a lot of clothes for my brother and me. Blame her sewing machine, I guess--or maybe the popular polyester-knit fabric, or something...