Tezuka writer's block

prompts plz

I am restless and itchy and require distraction in the form of drabble prompts. Any fandom, any pairing, prompts optional. If I don't actually recognize the fandom, I will google it and make shit up. Go wild!
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Kristy/Claudia, PG-13
Kristy yawned and arched her neck and stretched her arms and bent her knee and fell out of the pose altogether.

"What?" she asked innocently as Claudia huffed. "I didn't do it on purpose."

Claudia repositioned her with more force than was necessary, fingers warm against goosepimple flesh, pressing down one shoulder, pivoting the hips. Kristy submitted meekly to her hands. "Now, hold still," Claudia ordered.

The completed portrait looked smug and self-satisfied.

"You’re the worst model I've ever worked with."

"You chose that pose on purpose," Kristy countered.

Claudia wiped the smirk off her face with a kiss.
From the new BBC Merlin, Morgana/Gwen. Hurt/comfort a bonus!
The potions that Gaius brews for the dreams are strong, but not like Guinevere's arms. They entwine her, soothe her, lighten the burden of the future in the small hours of the night.

Sometimes, Morgana wakes up sobbing wordlessly, crying out with the pain it costs to keep her secrets deep inside, but Gwen needs no words when she has such hands, splitting her open and holding her tight.

Gwen has her own sorrows, Morgana knows, now and in the future of which she must not speak. It is selfish. Yet Morgana knows that it cannot be any other way.
You're welcome! I got stalled in my Merlin-watching on episode 8, I think it was, and I need to get back to it!
Tezuka/Pete Wentz, and if you want a prompt, something about dinosaurs.
Tezuka/Pete Wentz, PG, I can't believe I wrote this
With a mighty roar, the opening band's bass player engulfed Tezuka, clamping sinewy thighs around his midsection. Echizen claimed that these guys were just about to hit it big in America, but he couldn't imagine how, when their members were so careless.

"Gojira attack!" he shrieked. "Argh!"

Tezuka appreciated the authentic pronunciation. He also, truth be told, enjoyed the physical contact, although he attempted to preserve a professional demeanor. The short, carefully-made-up stranger was embracing him with gusto.

"That's nothing, buchou," said a voice behind him, as Tezuka struggled to maintain his balance. "Wait until he demonstrates his 'porn ninja'."
Re: Tezuka/Pete Wentz, PG, I can't believe I wrote this
Ahahaha, awesome. There are very few people who I think could actually pull it off and you're one of them. :D
Re: Tezuka/Pete Wentz, PG, I can't believe I wrote this
Awww, thank you! I had fun. :D
Good job! I ought to try this a time or two (asking for drabble prompts and acting on them, that is).

Have you ever tried Harry Potter RPF? Say...Daniel Radcliffe/Tom Felton?