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Is it still a sales pitch if the product is free?

Hey, Mac users! My favorite web browser, OmniWeb, is now totally free! Just in case you'd been ignoring all of my previous recommendations because they expected you to, like, pay money for the registered version and stuff.

Also: we have snow! Lots and lots of fluffy fluffy snow, and it's still snowing! Of course, I would be less excited if it were a weekday and I'd had to go sweep the snow off of my car in the dark to get to work.
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the robins, seals and sea lions woke me up
I have bookmarked your recommendation to look at later.

To me, it strikes the perfect balance between Safari and Firefox -- it's more featured and powerful than Safari, but it's more at home in the OS X environment than Firefox. It uses the same WebKit rendering engine as Safari. The features I really can't live without these days are shortcuts, where you can take any search box and access it with a keyword, so you can type "imdb Johnny Depp" or what have you in the address box, and the tabs, which you can drag all around and rearrange and open in the foreground or the background in a variety of ways depending on how you click the link. I also like the site-specific preferences when for some reason I find myself reading a site that 8-point dark blue on black (usually shameful pleasure fansites ;).