Mary Anne

State of the Dollhouse

idlerat has similar thoughts about what makes me less excited about Dollhouse, a certain lack of originality, inasmuch as originality is even a useful concept, and particularly the similarities to early Alias that makes me want to get out my DVDs and watch them instead.

At the same time, lotesseflower never fails to point out what the show is succeeding at already and has potential to improve upon, and has written a lovely Echo/Boyd ficlet that plays with and against the rampant issues of trust and consent, manifest particularly in 1x02 The Target: Yet shee will bee false, ere I come, to two, or three, PG-13, dubcon.

I fell head over heels with Firefly on DVD, so ultimately, I am inclined to give all kinds of benefits of the doubt to Dollhouse as shown on Fox with who knows what kind of editorial tinkering and bizarreness. I really do hope it grows into a show that I unabashedly adore.
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Still have yet to see an episode, but I will catch up as soon as I have the time. At the same time, Trent (who's trying to make it up next weekend) tells me that it looks as though Fox has interfered too much with the show to try to "spice it up" (AKA "ruin it").
Yeah, not being privy to anything taking place behind the scenes, it's difficult to know where to lay the blame, but there's certainly something rotten in the state of the Whedonverse. But, as they always said on Reading Rainbow, don't take my word for it ...