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Dollhouse: Ghost 1x01

Well, I do find myself tentatively intrigued by the premise. As a machine for generating stories, it has undeniable promise -- instead of the Monster of the Week, we now have the Protagonist of the Week, the scope of her activities limited only by the ingenuity of the writing.

It reminds me a bit of Alias in that respect, except that, under the fantastic wigs and outrageous outfits, Sydney was, you know, the same person. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to a a protagonist with no stable identity except by shipping Hot Handler Guy/Cute Techy guy and appreciating the lithe young women in yoga pants. I mean, at least they look comfy.

So, we shall see.
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I wasn't able to catch the first episode, what overall rating would you give it?

The show does sound a little like Alias / The Pretender to me, but the mere fact that it was scripted by Joss Whedon gives me hope for its excellence.
Definitely recommend. Interesting enough to watch as an hour of television in and of itself, and a very promising show considering the source.