P.S. Longer Entry Later

⋆ Ann's reading voice is charming, and Paula's is simply fabulous!
⋆ Elizabeth/Tara⋆Starr OTP!
Ann/Paula OTP!
⋆ I hate canon death. My freshman advisor and creative writing professor had been good friends with her, so it was doubly personal for me when she died.

Edit: removed real unordered list and substituted fake bullets because LiveJournal was determined to cover them up with my icon in my layout. However, they are nifty Unicode stars. Tara would approve.
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Would you like a .zip file or some CD-Rs that may happen to contain some interesting strings of 1s and 0s?
Yes I would. I don't think there is room on my harddrive for any more interesting bits so CD-R would probably be the best option..

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