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state of the mayhap

So, I have officially moved out on my own.

This is not quite true. Five of my seven full-sized bookshelves (and much other miscellany, but who cares about that stuff) are still at my parents' house. Until I am reunited with the full collection, I can but inhabit a partial existence.

Still, it is interesting to observe the differences this has wrought. At home, I only bussed the dishes from my room when they were completely choking every available horizontal surface (which included, incidentally, on top of the bookshelves that surrounded my bed). Now I went out and bought a bamboo dishrack with a little detachable compartment for silverware, and I'm excited about it. That last part is the truly scary bit.

I have also been driving myself to and from work, albeit with the presence of another licensed driver in the car, in accordance with the laws regarding these things. Amazingly, I have killed neither myself nor other people in the process! I haven't even maimed anyone! I count this as an accomplishment.

We have DirectTV now and it turns out that there is even more nothing on than there was when I made the monumentally disappointing leap from broadcast to standard cable. The primary improvement is that I no longer need to torrent Flight of the Concords. And I suppose Weeds, when it comes back on.

I can hear cars driving by my window in when I'm in bed! I can't tell you how much I missed that.
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Close to Westport. If you desire more specifics I'll send them privately.
Congratulations on entering the world of adulthood where the acquisition of common domestic utensils and appliances causes strange and disquieting feelings of satisfaction.

It only gets worse, just so you know. :-)

Gratz on getting your own place. It's a whole new world. :-)
I really can't argue with having more things that make me happy! :D The big improvement over dorm rooms is the sense of stability and continuity.
Thank you! I had forgotten how fun all this stuff can be, and the absence of a Kafkaesque department of housing just makes everything that much better.

I know just what you mean about the excitement of a bamboo dishrack (or equiv.) of one's own. I did keep my room fairly clean previously, but it was an entirely different thing to be in my own space.
A Bamboo Dishrack of One's Own -- one of the lesser-known works of Virginia Woolf. *g*
Kudos on the move! Just hope your new place is bigger than my little studio thing here in Seattle that I started outgrowing several years ago. I haven't even gotten around to a bamboo dishrack yet. Then again, I used to work in contract archaeology, traveling all over the country in my own car, living out of a suitcase in cheap motels and campsites, etc. Tends to strip away vestiges of civilization. On my first dig (in western Wyoming, fall of '88), I actually washed my hair in a rancher's cow pond one time. I'm probably still washing amoebas off of my scalp.

By the way, some of my mother's relatives came from Lucerne, MO. I, unfortunately, have had almost no contact with that state, aside from the St. Louis and Kansas City airports...
Ah, the Kansas City airport, I know it well. Not very exciting, but utilitarian, and at least you don't have to go on some kind of expedition to find the baggage claim.

That is hardcore. I think I would start to rationalize the benefits of not washing one's hair, given the circumstances. :D Of course, there's a lot I would put up with to take part in an archaeological dig; it always sounds like such a fantastic experience.
Very cool, nice to hear that you're ironically free from Liberty. Email me your address as soon as you can, I'm sending out wedding invites this weekend.

PS: Watch Dexter when you get a chance, because there's nothing sexier than a perfectly pleasant psychopath ;)