Re-Elect Governor Marley

Time travel booty call redux

A few weeks ago at work, I was processing a book about Abraham Lincoln and happened to flip to a copy of this picture of him.

Whoa, I thought, transfixed. Abraham Lincoln was hot. The hair. The eyes. The nose. I was smitten.

I was accordingly interested to learn, via pegkerr, about the discovery of a daguerreotype which may be the earliest photograph of Abraham Lincoln. The marvelous hair has been relentlessly tamed into a patent-leather semblance of propriety, and yet, I must confess: I would hit it.

This is less embarrassing than when I fell head over heels for jailbait Bill Gates. But not by much.
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Well, I do agree that he needs to wash that Cheesy Lothario-brand hair product out, stat. XD