shiny things

I have a new icon, courtesy of this newly uncovered pagan Roman mosaic beneath the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia, via newredshoes. It is a magpie and it likes shiny things and I approve, having been in a rather acquisitive mood myself lately.

I also have a Twitter, because it occurred to me that if I waited too long to haul my ass onto the bandwagon, somebody was going to steal my username, and anyway, I need to stalk Stephen Fry more efficiently. The only thing is ... I am not entirely sure what else to do with it. Oh god, this means I'm getting old and senile, doesn't it?
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Also, I'm following you on Twitter, because Twitter both fascinates and kind of escapes me still. <3
Yay! I'm sure I will manage to muddle through somehow in such good company. <3
I still haven't gotten into Twitter yet. I'm not even sure what it's for. I'm really getting old and senile. However, I am starting to write Squidoo lenses, which is fun, especially since no one's yet written them on some of my favorite topics/people/characters.

As for Stephen Fry, I've thought about joining up with his personal site/blog club.

By the way, I recently read and bookmarked one of your Divine Comedy fanfics (it was linked from a post at fandomsecrets); being a Dante/Virgil shipper, I fell in love with it immediately, and am strongly tempted to write a sequel, or something...
Another Dante/Virgil fan! :D I am all asquee and deeply flattered. I adore the whole idea of fic based on fic and would be thrilled to read it if the inspiration strikes you!

I had to Google Squidoo to even figure out what it was. /o\
Apparently, there are a fair number of Dante/Virgil fans out there, as I discovered when I posted this pic in fandomsecrets on December 19; and loads of fellow D/V fans/shippers came dashing out of the woodwork, all excited that they weren't the only ones out there (LOL). That's when I discovered your fanfic (linked above) when one of them provided a link to it in a comment post.

The sequel idea I got (haven't written it yet) would likely be set right around the beginning of Purgatorio, right after they struggle out of all the fire and ice and blood and shit, etc. (don't want to give too much away)...