yule goat

Yuletide curtain goes up

It's really 2009, because the Yuletide reveals are up! (In between that and 12:00 AM, we're all in a sort of temporal anomaly.)

I can now thank thermidor by name for writing my adorable Schmidt story, and rabidsamfan for stuffing my stocking with a Hilary/St. George drabble (which seems to have interested other people in the pairing, muahahaha!).

I wrote Relics for comixologist. It was a delight to write Anathem fic after the book ate my brain a few months ago, although it was hard not to babble about the book and my awesome assignment for months on end. I cannot in good conscience recommend that anybody read my fic if they haven't read the book as I am a devout spoilerphobe, but you should read the book! Here is some awesome mood music based on math.
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