yule goat

My two (!) amazing Yuletide stories!

I got a lovely story and a charming Yuletide treat this year!

Herr Doktor SilberneKlinge und Der Herr der Ring -- Schmidt's delightful romp through fandom! The voice is perfect, and so are all the little fandom details, not that I would expect anything less from a Yuletide writer! (Schmidt blows off Vicky and John for something called a 'ficathon', hee!) Schmidt is sorely tried by someone who is wrong on the internet about the appeal of Gandalf fic, but reinforcements from an unexpected quarter make everything better.

Encounter with St. George -- A perfect little Hilary/St. George drabble!

Now, as for the rest of the archive, I'm only in the Ds and I've already opened a zillion tabs for future reading. /o\