read the ocean by the cupful

oh thank goodness

Zokutou word meter
50,055 / 50,000

Now I must go to sleep lest my head explode.

ETA: I will put up a poll for anyone who wants a copy tomorrow. When my head is less explode-y.
Hahahahahaha I know right? You can probably detect that point in the text where everything becomes increasingly ... bizarre.

*applauds* Congrats on totally winning the internet. Have an Inui just for you:
Holy Cow! That's like 20k in one day! I am totally beyond impressed into something...what's on the other side of awestruck?

And gratz on the winnie!
And that's how she wins at life
Wuh. Frenzy of writing is frenzied!! Color me flabbergasted. And happy for you. Now put my name down on your send-to list. Nao prz? :D