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Dear Yuletide author

Hi, whoever got assigned to me! I love you! I hope you do not hate my requests too much!

This year, I made an assortment of requests, all, to me, equally delightful: one slash, one het, and one gen (well, sort of). In no particular order, they are:

Dorothy L. Sayers - Lord Peter series

Hilary Thorpe/The Viscount St George

This is the nonexistent pairing that ate my brain not too long ago. Very seriously, any story wherein the two of them interact with each other at all would make my yuletide. I like how Hilary is similar in temperament and ambition to how I would imagine a young Harriet, and I think St. George would take after his uncle in that respect as in so many others.

P. G. Wodehouse - Psmith


I love them together, and I especially love the tropes of school stories and sports stories. As an American, I really have no idea what cricket is really all about, but I love reading about it anyway!

Elizabeth Peters - Vicky Bliss

Schmidt/fandom OTP!

So, I really enjoyed the new Vicky book. Schmidt and fandom! They are meant to be! He's obviously a huge Tolkien fan, but feel free to work in whatever fandom references you feel the most comfortable with.

Most of all, I really hope that you write a story that you truly enjoy. Thank you!
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oh man. if you get either of the first two, it'll make my life, no lie. :D
That's my favorite part about Yuletide -- you get to open everyone else's presents, and it's not only allowed, it's encouraged!