Tezuka writer's block

Wordcount update

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,643 / 50,000

Not too shabby. Besides, I have an appointment to get together with wisdomeagle tonight and drink lots of coffee and write like madwomen, so I think I should be able to catch up with my goal.
so I am not alone
It seems all the nanowrimo friends are not playing along this year.

I use the same name over in nanowrimo as here in LJ land how about you?

I exceeded my daily goal for each of the first two days.
Re: so I am not alone
I'm mayhap over there too! I'll add you as a buddy, assuming, of course, that the site ever loads again.

It sounds like you're off to an excellent start.
Re: so I am not alone
I'm chilango2 over on Nano, btw. I'll add you soon as author search is back up, grrrrr...
Good luck, honey! Glad to hear that one more madwoman is attempting it (I have several LJ friends with their eyes on the same prize). I envy you your braveness. ^_____^

And did you ever get that jacket for Halloween? ;-p
Thank you! :D

I ended up buying a new computer instead, which I'm pretty pleased with, especially consiering all the typing I plan to do this month, but I still have my eye on tennis gear!
Smart move. Eyeing computers meself, but my sister will have to get the first (notebook) in this household *sob* because she needs it for school (work school and school school), and I only needs it for the shiny, so there. I'll post a pic of me with that jacket, like soon.