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in memoriam

On Saturday, my grandfather died.

A couple days previously, he'd been admitted to the hospital again. The closest he would ever come to complaining that he was in pain was answering in the affirmative to a direct question, so he must have been bad off for them to be so generous with the morphine. My grandmother and my aunt stayed with him, always speaking as though he might be listening, although he was mostly unconscious, something that was no doubt a great relief.

A couple of weeks previously, I brought Stan to Sioux Falls for a visit, over my parents' strenuous objections, because I absolutely insisted that he be able to meet my grandfather while he was still alive. My whole family interrogated him on his propensities and prospects, naturally, but my grandfather was the only one who didn't ask what use a degree in philosophy was. He said that it's always good to have a philosopher around.

Once, I was sitting by his bed while he was asleep in case he needed anything, and he woke up and told me that I was the most beautiful woman that he'd ever seen. "You've always been beautiful," he added. "But you're especially beautiful now."

I've never doubted that I was smart – like my grandfather, in fact – but I never believed that I was beautiful before.

resquiescat in pace
I'm so sorry, love.

I am glad, though, that you had an awesome grandfather. I had one myself, and I wouldn't trade my memories of him for the world.
I'm sorry to hear that. :( I'm glad you got to introduce him to Stan, though.

He sounds like he was a very sweet man.
Yeah, if things had worked out differently it would have been hard to live with myself, you know?

Thank you so much for your thoughts. *hugs*
*hugs* I'm so sorry, but this is a wonderful eulogy to what sounds like a great man.
I'm so sorry you lost your grandfather. I'm glad you've got such lovely memories of him.
Some people
have a wisdom that blankets us from the jealousy of others.

You had a grandfather that connected the dots.

Sorry for your loss.
Re: Some people
You know, that's very similar to what his minister said at the funeral service! She was very perceptive, and so are you.

Thank you so much for your thoughts.
Thank you. *hugs*

(On the bright side? Zero family drama all week. Just happy memories and funny stories.)
I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather, but I can see that he will live on through your memories and deep love of him. Namaste.

(PS: How did you ever doubt your beauty?!? It goes hand-in-hand with your intelligence, and the combination thereof was one of the first things I personally noticed about you!)
You've never seen any pictures of me in high school, have you? ;)

Thank you so much for your thoughts. We need to get together some time when I'm back in town.
Sorry to hear about your grandfather, he sounds like a wonderful man.