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The Dark Nurse

I caught a midnight showing of The Dark Knight with this guy:

He informed me on Wednesday that he needed a nurse costume immediately. Regular nurse or slutty nurse, I inquired.

Regular nurse, he said, although in fact the first place he took his girlfriend and me on his nurse costume quest was the local Priscilla's. They not only didn't have a nurse costume, they didn't even have a piece of nasty cheap nurse negligée, further confirming my belief that Priscilla's is completely and utterly useless.

We finally ended up with this sleeveless shirt from Wal-Mart and a skintight white miniskirt with little pleats in the middle from Kohl's, so, slutty nurse. I thought it was quite effective.

Oh, and the movie was fantastic, of course.
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And that is a scarily good makeup job too...I was like "Waitaminit" before I took another look.

Did he tell you how he got the scars?
Something about a friend with liquid latex who's making a zombie movie in his spare time. ;)
Hey now, Priscilla's may not be perfect, but it's got a lot of fun/cool/useful products. In my opinion, at least. I still want to pick up those purple chinese silk wrist/ankle binding ropes in the near future, they're all sorts of awesome...

And I loved The Dark Knight too, but couldn't help believing that they should have extended the second half and split it up into two separate films. In any case, great pic!