Tezuka writer's block

making progress

My short_takes Kristy round fic is coming along quite nicely, and nerdygridbug's fantastic InuTez art is inspiring me to dust off the self-indulgent kinkfic I started while I was putting off my Yuletide story and start whipping it into shape.

It feels nice to be writing fic again. It's like somebody just hooked me up to a drip of the really good drugs.
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>////> I will be waiting for that kinkfic missy (even if I don't really read much fic). 8D Also: for said fic, do you want header arts? ^___^ *will draw if you want*
*_* Now that is incentive to actually finish the thing! Thank you thank you thank you!

Now I just need to figure out what it's about (besides, you know, Inui and Tezuka having kinky sex).