Fannish frames

My brother decided yesterday that it was probably time for him to purchase a new pair of glasses, seeing as how he had misplaced his previous pair something like a year ago. He brought his girlfriend and me along on this quest, although whether this was because he trusted in our excellent taste or merely because he knew that if we didn't approve of his selection, he was going to be mocked mercilessly and at great length, I cannot say.

"What kind of glasses are you looking for?" we inquired, gazing at the limited and somewhat monotonous selection of frames in the men's section at Target. He did not know. We put various pairs on his face, squinted at them, and then returned them to their little stands. The sales assisstant, rather unhelpfully, told us that we had atrocious taste, plucked one pair of plastic frames right out of Danny's hands, and told him to try a nice conservative pair of wirerims instead.

It was I who offered the suggestion that he should try to find a pair of glasses like the ones that the Doctor wears, but Danny took to the prospect instantly. He put on some more frames and scruitinized them for Time Lord-approved proportions, although this was made somewhat difficult by the fact that I do not exactly have a photographic memory and Danny hasn't even forced his girlfriend to watch Doctor Who yet, so she could have no input at all.

We ran over to the DVD section to look for a box set as a visual reference, but, shockingly, they didn't have any. Fortunately, Danny's friend Sean proved willing to do a Google images search and text us a snapshot of this image and, cell phone in hand, we scrutinized all the frames again and rejected them all.

Target having shockingly failed us in every respect, we went across the street to Wal-Mart, where, after much deliberation and forcing Danny to pose with a pen in lieu of a sonic screwdriver so we could gauge the likeness, we selected a pair of frames that we decided were more or less close enough. Best of all, they only cost $18! Sadly he is not in possession of them yet, because his last eye exam, which he vaguely remembered as being a few months ago, was actually more like two years, but he did make an appointment for a fresh examination tomorrow evening. Pictures are sure to be forthcoming.

After all that I decided that I just had to get him one of these as a sort of late birthday present. And then, you know, threw another one in for myself, because, well, I was already paying shipping, and besides, omgwant.

I have no Who icons. I must remedy this as soon as I get home.
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LOVE ThinkGeek. I get great t-shirts from them and have you seen the Dr. Who action figure? It's awesome. Plus there's a TARDIS USB hub, I think.

Dude. Dr. Who glasses are utter sex. Yes.
Many of my favorite t-shirts and best-received gifts have been purchased from ThinkGeek! My dad and I have matching caffeine shirts, even.
That is a way kewl toy tool. For some reason, though (and I'm not sure if this will score or cost me geek points), my first thought was "Phillips or flat head?". (I'm hoping it's both...but either way, it's on my list.)
So far, I've yet to observe anything that the sonic screwdriver fails to work on! (The one on the show, that is. The ones I ordered will probably not allow me to hack into alien computers and lock doors. Probably.)