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Why so delicious?

Every year it falls to me to me to decorate my little brother's birthday cake. My task is to produce a gloriously geeky creation, earning the acclaim delight of Danny and his many guests, in spite of the fact that when it comes to artistic ability, I have two left hands, and I am not actually left-handed.

This year, using one of the Dark Knight posters as my inspiration, I created the Joker cake:

A boy and his cake. Danny didn't actually know what I had planned in the way of decorating, but he was wearing his Joker t-shirt fresh from the boy's department at Target anyway.

Why so delicious?

Danny does his best deranged grin, surrounded by the energy drinks that were to fuel his all-night partying.

Siblings, partners in crime, total dorks.
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In every possible sense of the word! (Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, om nom nom nom.)
...I would make a comment about Danny, but, umm. I am afraid that it might bring out the overprotective, violent big sister in you. /o\

(Also! I am tentatively thinking about swinging by our old stomping grounds this July-ish, assuming that I win the lotto between now and then. Yea/nay?)
You would callously break the poor gnome's plaster heart? :( He actually has a girlfriend now, and she dressed up in his Batman costume at the party. Too cute omg.

I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss New York! Which lottery were you planning on winning?
...omg that is adorable. Also, umm, does this mean that Danny/girlfriend = canonical Joker/Batman?

And I have no idea! I mean, now especially is not really the time for me to be making big splurges like buying plane fare back to New York, but...well, it's not like I don't have the time now, right? :Dd
I say it does and i will not be convinced otherwise. *nods*

Yeah, I need to be figuring out various real grown-up life expenses over the next couple of months, but I might just be able to fit a trip to New York in there somewhere. And I would love, love, love to see you again!
Ha haha ! And if you type in "danny nintendo cake" yours is still on the first page of google image results. These cakes receive critical acclaim.
I know! I have this reputation to live up to! Oh, the pressure!

I actually heard one of Danny's friends ask him, "Do you tell her to make these cakes, or does she just do them?"

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Hi just dropping by to let you know I'm alive. I loved the cake, at first I thought it was a haloween mask.
Yay for still being alive! I plan to start updating more frequently again; we'll see how that goes.

I think I'm going to suggest that Danny dress up as the Joker for Halloween. I think he could pull it off.