I've had a crush on that King

Canon het

There's a new Vicky Bliss book coming out in August! I can't believe that I had to learn such earth-shattering news from one of those Amazon.com emails suggesting books that I might perhaps be interested in. O series of my heart, pairing of my soul!

I have also watched the new X-Files trailer, and, well. Scully is so very, very pretty. I'd see the movie for her hair alone.
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Hmm. On the one hand, yay, new Vicky Bliss book for the first time in, what, 12 years?! On the other hand, what is there to write about now that Vicky and John are together? Isn't that why EP had said she wouldn't write any more?

I'm torn. I can only hope it will turn out to be good (since Trojan Gold and Night Train are probably two of my favoritest of favorite books ever)...