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happy birthday to me

I took today as my paid holiday in honor of my birthday yesterday! My aunt refused to believe that that was an actual, legitimate holiday offered by my employers. I think she's jealous.

I had a very lovely birthday. My mom made me cheesecake, as she traditionally does, and of course, cheesecake is always yummy, but this cheesecake! It was light and fluffy and melted in your mouth!

We asked her what she'd done differently. "I followed the recipe," she said. "Alton Brown said you're supposed to actually follow recipes."

"I've been telling you my entire life that you're supposed to actually follow recipes and not just go substituting and changing them all willy nilly," I said indignantly. "How come you won't believe it from me but you will believe it from Alton Brown?"

Apparently all his science-y talk was more convincing than my because I said sos.

I got Sam a Ryoma hat for Christmas and he said that he wore it to the grocery store, not expecting anyone to know what it was, and got a look of startled recognition. He got me The Golden Ass for Christmas and Troilus and Cressida for my birthday.

I haven't written much of anything besides my Yuletide story lately, so if you'd like to change that, request a drabble! Pairing and perhaps a prompt, plz.
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omg I love them so much
"I did not ask you to read the cards for me," Childermass snapped. He placed a hand on Vinculus's shoulderblade and pressed downward, to better examine the markings there.

"The cards told me to read them," Vinculus asserted, wriggling snake-like and propping himself on one elbow.

"And what else do the cards tell you, if I may ask?"

Vinculus passed him a card. Blotted as it was, it was more legible than the King's Letters.

"The Valet de Coupe," he said aloud. Vinculus flashed a hawkish smile over his shoulder.

"The cards say to go and fetch me some wine."

Many happy returns of the day!

Drabble-wise, how about: Inui/Kaidoh, caffeinated gum.
Kaidoh turned over the pack of gum. Inui-senpai had given it to him before homeroom with a wink.

It was mint-flavored and contained 250mg of caffeine. Kaidoh thought. They'd been up late, studying geometry and furtively groping each other. Perhaps Inui-senpai thought he needed it.

He chewed four pieces. They were fizzy in his mouth and made him feel fizzy too. He chewed the rest of the pack after lunch.

"Thanks for the gum," he told Inui-senpai as they walked home.

"You brought it?"

"I chewed it."

"Oh," Inui stopped short. "I was going to perform oral sex with it."
Perhaps if you wore glasses, she'd believe you. Glasses add that je ne sais quoi of authority, plus, don't you work in a library?
I could conduct a study, where I give half of my opinions while I'm wearing my glasses and the other half not and see which ones are considered more authoritative.