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Yuletide cheer lasts all year long

At midnight I was ringing in the new year with cheap pink champagne and Guitar Hero 3 at my cousin's house, but at the real beginning of the year, when Yuletide authors were revealed, I was stuck in a car on the way back from South Dakota.

However, now I am home, and I have discovered that it is athenejen who wrote me my wonderful Yuletide story, There's Something Out There and It's Laughing at Us, Caspar/Malcolm, from the Diana Wynne Jones novel The Ogre Downstairs. Mischievous magic, feline hijinks, and lovely sweet fumbling awkward sibcest -- everything I could have dreamed of!

My own story, Special Topics in Dessometrics, is a bit of gen set a couple of years after the conclusion of Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters trilogy, where the fact that there are thirteen thirteen-letter words throughout the story is actually an important point of characterization and polymath geekery abounds. It was great fun to write.

And that's not even to mention everything else in the Yuletide archive, where I've been reading all kinds of amazing fic and I still have tons of stuff left in my to-read tabs! This really is the most wonderful time of the year for me.
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Oh! Thank you for putting up such a sweet recommendation for the story. I'm so very happy that you enjoyed it. :)

I am fascinated by the idea of polymath geekery within fic. I've read the first 2 of Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy, but I haven't read any Midnighters... now I'm thinking I might have to rectify that.

Hooray for Yuletide!