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I saw the wolf and the fox out drinking!

As a festive holiday-type offering in your general direction, I have put together a mix CD consisting entirely of different, awesome versions of the old French drinking song J'ai vu le loup, for anyone who likes French, medieval music, folk, Celtic rap, or possibly drinking.

Drinking With Wolves

Track listing:
1. J'ai vu le loup (Traditional) - The Baltimore Consort
2. J'ai vu le loup le renard et la belette - Le Poème Harmonique
3. La Vendée - Garolou
4. Le renard et la belette - Laïs
5. Mais qui est la belette - Manau
6. J'ai vu le loup (Club Renaissance Remix) - Club Renaissance
7. Dies Irae (Bonus Track) - Monks of the Abbey of Notre Dame
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Re: I like at least three of those things, and am prepared to sample the others.
Yay! I hope you enjoy! :D