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six impossible things before bedtime

Just because the Cold War was over, we thought we didn't need to study Russian. Ha!

I just don't even know, you guys.

I have a real grownup job with insurance and paid time off and everything. I start tomorrow.

That shouldn't be true, either, but there you have it.
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Cataloging and processing new materials for the library! I'm not sure if that means I get first dibs on them ...
My paychecks come from the same place, but I'm working at headquarters now. (Which is in Independence. Blah.)
Does this mean you will have to learn how to drive? Where in Independence? Near the Truman Library or down in the ghetto or way down south near I-70?
Probably. Eventually. When I run out of people willing to chauffeur me. Also, what the hell kind of map is this?

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So it IS near the Truman Library. I thought I'd seen it before.

Of course, we can't tell how close to the Truman Library, but whatever. It gives as good of directions as I do from 1800 miles away.
That is awesome! I still remember ... some of the Cyrillic alphabet. I think.
You feel Russian too? Yeah, a lot of people I know have been like that lately.

Good luck with the work tomorrow, be sure and hit me up with an email to tell me how everything went. I'm doing Anime at BN for the first time tomorrow night, looking to get a lot of people in from the Anime clubs at the high schools.
Gratz on the new job! Insurance and time off and stuff roxxors! Hope everything works out for ye.