Harry and the beast

The newest member of our family, whom I have not posted any pictures of previously, is a toy apricot poodle named Nellie. I like to tell my brother that we got her as a replacement for him because she is also blonde, curly and not so bright. (It's even funnier because I've actually caught my parents calling her Danny on multiple occasions.)

She and Harry the rabbit aren't entirely sure what to do with each other.

You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine!

Harry likes books and plastic bags:

Nellie prefers romping through the leaves and attacking her large, colorful stuffed fish:

Both of them can agree, though, that they wish I would put that stupid bright thing away.
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Yay! :D They are both extremely cute. :)

(heee I am just in the process of rereading When In Rome! I see you have it in hardcover though - mine is paperback.)
Nice! I scored that one at a university used book sale for a quarter, an utter steal. Most of my Ngaios are paperbacks, too.