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Two things

First, a pretty shiny new meme:

The "My Own Private Revolution" Meme by redscharlach

...what will your official title be?
I shall be known as the Grand Poobah, because quite frankly I'm failing to think of anything better at the moment.
...who will be by your side?
My rabbit, Rosie. I have never known her to be wrong. will those who serve you be rewarded?
My innermost circle will be permitted the run of my library and luxurious apartments on its grounds (not incidentally keeping them under my watchful eye.) Lesser minions in my various outposts will have their own, lesser libraries. will you punish those who try to stand in your way?
They will be banished to my moon colony. Rocket scientists will be imprisoned in the dungeons below my library, however.
...what monument will you build to your own greatness?
Besides the library, you mean? Well, how about this museum where the art of the past world is displayed in period buildings? Think the Cloisters, multiplied by Disneyworld (with all the class of the former, not the latter).

...who will be first up against the wall?
Janssen Choy. You do not know him, and you are fortunate.
...who will be next up against the wall if they don't mend their ways?
Zealous, absolutist, intolerant, unfunny blowhards, on an as-needed basis.
...what will be made compulsory?
Once a year, everyone shall pay a visit to my museum. No fewer than three and no more than twelves times a year, everyone shall read a book of my choosing. Other than that, people are pretty much on their own.
...what will be banned?
Nothing shall be banned, per se. but consequences shall be instituted. For instance, if one insists on driving a large, wasteful, militaristic vehicle, one may find oneself being shot upon, having committed an act of aggression. But that's perfectly logical, is it not?
...what music will play to herald the dawning of the new era?
The Tea Party will play at all official occasions as well as entertain me privately. The Julliard String Quartet will serve in a similar capacity. All others will be engaged on an as-needed basis.


Okay, so I already fangirled the first class I went to today, now for the second: Gender and Sanctity in Medieval Art (hereafter known as Sanctity). Except that it now seems to be named Gender and Sainthood in Medieval Art, and accordingly hereafter known as Sainthood, so I have to change the tab on my file.

Anyway, I was so right to schedule all my other classes around this class, because it is great. Our professor is a funny, excitable, interesting woman who's from Florence, has studied all over Europe, works at the library at the Cloisters and is writing a book about iconography of Mary Magdelene. She immediately decided to let all 8 people on the waitlist into the class, and intends to subvert the department, which of course she is only visiting, by any other means necessary. She's copying all of our reading for us for free every week, and she gave us this excellent-looking bibliography of books we could use for research. If we can't get ahold of the books otherwise, she will let us into the library at the Cloisters, the fact that we're undergraduates be damned.

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Your idea for the museum is the most beautiful concept in the world, but you already know that, Grand Poobah.