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Last night, because I try to take my cues from xkcd as often as possible, I dressed up as a Wikipedia page. (It was also easy to make in fifteen minutes using only items that I already had in my house.)

And here is the transcribed text after the wikivandals (otherwise known as Stan and dragonstrider) got ahold of it:
The population of Meghan R----------s has tripled in the past six months.

She is a girl.

She beat up a 6 year old Auschwitz survivor with a steel baton because she, and I quote, "couldn't keep up with the beat."

She is well respected in Hollywood as the only performer who can freebase and insufflate liquid cocaine simultaneously.
I found this all very informative, especially the part that I'm a girl. However, as neither of them cited any sources, I'm not sure I can rely on any of this data.
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I totally look like a Wikipedia page.

(Hmm. I just realized that posting a picture of myself wearing a smaller picture of myself is approaching Colbertian levels of recursive vanity.)
This is possibly the best costume I have ever seen in my life. Seriously. :D
She once bested him using only a first edition of On the Origin of Species with one hand tied behind her back!
Thanks! *g*

Your icon reminds me of an incident where Stan was trying to explain the phenomenon of slash/yaoi/girls who like boys who like boys to another guy who works at the library with us, and for reasons that remain unclear to me, they plugged "Stan" into the search on deviantArt and found a bunch of South Park bishonen art, much to their bemusement.

There probably isn't any Cartmen/Butters art out there, even though they are undeniably canon.
That is super awesome!!! I have so much respect for you right now.
Well, naturally you do! I can freebase and insufflate liquid cocaine simultaneously!

(Stan tried to explain to me how that would work and I was all, if I had wanted to attempt that kind of procedure I would have taken chemistry.)