firebending and hoodies and kisses keep you warm

Last week, as you may recall, I posted a very serious poll about Avatar: the Last Airbender, including the all-important question of Zuko's hair. Five of you copped out shamelessly by declaring that all of Zuko's hair is inherently the best, including the the hair that he has shaved off, but we also had two votes for book three, one vote for book one, and my own vote for book two.

It turns out that I was shamefully premature in casting my vote preferring Zuko's hairstyle last season, because this week book three has introduced us to the unutterable delight that is: emo!Zuko. As you can see, I have constructed a diagram to better demonstrate the completeness of Zuko's emo.

Discussion questions: What would be the name of Zuko's emo band? What would their first album be called? How great would the pyrotechnics at their shows be, at least until they accidentally burned down the tiny club or garage they were playing in? How many of their t-shirts would Aang own? How many of their shows would he go to, dragging Katara along with him even though she claims she doesn't even like their music because it's simplistic and derivative, until he finally manages to catch Zuko afterwards, Momo handing over Aang's CD for him to sign because Aang is too flustered to move, much less speak? How much do I ship Zuko/Aang/Katara?
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