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Monkey Island: The Flash Movie

If you've ever played the classic Monkey Island games, then you will readily apprehend that this is the best thing ever.

It's an exuberant animated recap of the first game, sketched in the style of the third, cheerfully voiced by a fellow with a German accent (on account of he is German, and there is also a deutsche Version for those of you who are into that sort of thing). Those of you who haven't played the Monkey Island games (and why on earth not???) should bear in mind that it also serves as a thumbnail walkthrough to most of the puzzles in the first game.
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That is extremely awesome! I'm a big fan of the non-Star Wars-related Lucasfilm games, even have Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle on my compy (funniest game ever)!

I'm also really into the Deutsch thing as well (have the German language version of Startrek: Starfleet Academy on my compy also), aber ich bin nicht ein Berliner ;)
Ooooh, did you ever play Loom? ("Ask me about Loom™!) And I regret that I have not yet gotten my hands on The Dig.
It is tragic that more people are not familiar with the joys of Monkey Island. Luckily these days it's relatively easy to set them up with at least the first two games and the ScummVM, assuming you can get them to obey your orders to play it immediately.
I have one more! Maybe I should just fill the rest of my icon slots with MI.