Oh, where to begin?

I still don't feel quite right putting my interests back in my profile, even though they were all as harmless as fuzzy bunnies to begin with. (Some of them actually were fuzzy bunnies.) I shall ponder this.

My metropolitan area was namechecked not once, but twice on last night's Colbert Report! First, the owner of Prospero's Books, a used bookstore that satyadasa and I haunted from time to time when we were in high school, set some books on fire to whore frantically for attention protest society's diminishing respect for the printed word.

Also, a large group of guitarists converged to break a Guinness world record by playing Smoke on the Water, which is apparently a song. I wouldn't know, as I have evidently been living in a cave since birth. However, Colbert busted out a guitar and favored us with a few chords himself, which raised my interest considerably.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday party (today is is birthday proper) and in the great tradition of Nintendo cakes, we're planning to make a bunch of carrot cake Wiimotes. Well, assuming we go shopping for cake decorations sometime soon. Otherwise, we're planning to make a bunch of carrot cake rectangular prisms, which are nowhere near as cool.
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Crazy cool cake idea. You'll want fondant for the smooth white WiiMote and piped buttercream for the buttons :)

Re: WiiMotes
I'm thinking we're going to do cream cheese frosting, since that is what the birthday boy wants. Not that I can blame him, cause it's yummy, if not as pretty.
It cracks me up how there are a lot of Nintendo cakes out there that actual cake decorators slaved over, but Google loves mine.
Since I won't be able to eat any of the delish Nintendo cakes, please post a pic of one for me.

And you totally piqued my elk curiousity, we definitely need to check out the elk farm soon!
We ended up just making one giant one for Danny since it was so much work. I'm going to post pictures as soon as he gets them off his camera and sends them to me.