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We made it to D.C., although by the time we arrived at the zoo, they had closed all the buildings and were getting ready to close the grounds as well. We cooed over the red panda, admired the clouded leopard (and heard all about her escape attempt), and conducted a test of a representative sample of water fountains (conclusion: none of them work except as a metaphor for the city itself). Then we had a lovely dinner with Bev and went back to her apartment and met her roommate. Good times!


When I worked last Thursday evening, I amused myself by creating a series of clues on Post-It notes for Stan to follow. He instructed me that they ought to rhyme. (Two of them do, in fact, and the third is in Greek, and that exhausted my powers of invention for the evening.)

Apparently he and everyone else working this morning, whom he enlisted in his attempt, have yet to work out the first clue, which is admittedly perhaps the most obscure of the three. If I recall correctly, it goes like this:

So that this clue won't be lost to us,
Let's start with something preposterous.
In spite of their low ethanol yields,
The truth is out there in the cornfields.
I suppose you could try to play along at home by searching our online catalogue, but I think that would be even less possible than finding it by searching the actual library.
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What's the whole point of this anyway? And come by and join the post on Liberty Sex Offenders over at my blog, because Mike and I are waiting for you.