bon voyage

Last night I drabbled about Percy and got a lovely Trelawney drabble in return. Then I flung all my belongings in a suitcase and slept for a couple of hours before I had to be at the airport, which is where I am right now. Fortunately they have stopped charging for their wireless internet.

I'm tagging along with my father on another trip to Washington D.C. This time I get to see my beloved laislabevita, who's doing a law internship thingy there! Much more exciting than the Washington Monument.

And apparently we are boarding now. I have my laptop, my iPod, my DS and a book for a two and a half hour flight. Think I'll survive?
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May your trip be
Monumental in a different way. Could you flip the bird at "The Shrub" for me if you pass the WH?
Re: May your trip be
Just so you know, I did the precise thing when I visited Bev in DC.