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Sitting around for Labor Day

I have ten other people living in this suite with me, which I had been dreading turning into a "Help! Estrogen overload!" situation (there are "Help! Testosterone overload!" situations as well, but they happen to me less commonly for obvious reasons), but so far everyone I've been hanging around with is cool, and by cool, I mean "dorky." I suppose the other four or so people may not be cool, but as they are never around I suspect it doesn't matter. : P

This afternoon, Sarah bounded into our room and meowed, surprising my roommate, Maeve, and causing her to poke herself in the eye with her scissors. She then invited us to have pancakes.

We sat around one of our little tables in our ginormous common area and ate them. Then we started folding the napkins -- the Australian girl (and yes, I don't know half everyone's names yet, as I suck) knows how to fold napkins in many intriguing and beguiling ways, but the best one is so they look like a dead chicken. We searched through cookbooks for recipes with rice vinegar in them, because one girl has a bottle, because she wanted to add the bottle to her collection, and Julia told us about her grandfather, who is most amusing.

Among other things, he drives up to Canada each year, and he once called Julia's mother and left the following message, which I reproduce in its entirety:

"Helen, this is your brother. I mean, father. I can't feel my legs. I'm in Canada. Come get me."

Sarah also showed us some pictures from camp where they cosplayed Harry Potter for the campers. They were great, especially as Ron was female, Harry was black, and Draco was a seven-year-old boy.

I did not go to the West Indian thingy in Brooklyn because a.) I was asleep and b.) satyadasa said I wouldn't like it anyway, and, as it is pouring rain outside, I doubt it is much fun for anyone after all.

Classes tomorrow. Eleven people and two showers. Eeeep.
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satyadasa said I wouldn't like it anyway.

Yeah, neither the food (jerk chicken, fried goat, spicy cole slaw) nor the music (reggae, soca, etc.) were to your taste. We also did a lot of walking forward along the parade route looking for CHRI so that Bev could get some flyers, so we wound up seeing many of the same floats and marchers over and over again.

I doubt it is much fun for anyone after all.

It was pretty fun, more for the hanging out with people than for the parade really, but the rain didn't seem to dampen the fun of the people dancing. There were quite a few really fun things, including watching dozens of flag-draped people run over a hill to jump over a fence to get from Flatbush Ave to Eastern Parkway because the regular sidewalk and street entrances through Grand Army Plaza were blocked. It was even more fun trying to go in the opposite direction. There are unfortunately no pictures of this part.

It's great that you have all those dorky roommates. I just have this monastery.

Scissors? Ouch.
I like jerk chicken, but not in the rain. And It is quite true that I do not much like reggae, nor dancing either, come to that, so ...

And now we're having a big dinner party with pasta. The food never ends here!

Also, damn you and this cold you gave me!