Happy bunny day, everyone

I just realized that these are still on my server, so everyone can enjoy the most divine Easter music ever written: Bach's St. Matthew Passion, recorded by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra directed by Sir Georg Solti.

The libretto with facing English translation

No. 68, Chorus I/II: "Wir Setzen Uns Mit Tränen Nieder" -- 7.6 MB (160 kbps MP3). If you download only one song today, make it this one!

Disc 1 -- 68.6 MB (160 kbps MP3s, zipped)

Disc 2 -- 59.4 MB

Disc 3 -- 73.8 MB
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Wir Setzen Uns...
Thanks! I was trying to play it on the piano from memory when I found your site. One of the most beautiful pieces ever written.

Go well

Louie the Crow