Mai Yamani

One of those bulleted list entries

I seem to have gotten in the habit of never posting anything ever. This is probably because my life is so confusing lately that I have difficulty explaining it to myself, so what chance do I have at elucidating it for other people? But then I started to miss getting comments and realized that this strategy was suboptimal, so here goes nothing.

  • We have a glass atrium door at the back of our house. These robins keep flying into it, becoming mildly concussed, forgetting all about why this was a bad idea in the first place, and then flying into it again, so my mom has taped a faux-Burberry dog leash and an empty Tostito's bag to the door. It is slightly surreal.

  • Sam and I finished watching (rewatching, in my case) the last ~80 episodes of Prince of Tennis at a fairly terrifying pace over the past month or so. I had somehow forgotten how utterly cracktastic most of those later seasons are. I also owe Sam MomoKai makeover fic now.

  • Last night Stan and I ate dinner with our former French teacher and a close-knit group of other francophones in the Kansas City metropolitan area. One of the women there was actually visiting from Japan, so Stan decided to tell her all about my obsession with « Le prince du tennis ». I believe she thought we were both slightly odd.

    We ended up spending most of the evening talking to this very adorable and precocious little girl who is totally bilingual. I know that she thought Stan was crazy, because she kept telling him that at every opportunity, in English and in French. I told her she was very astute. *g*

  • Kaidoh is hot. This always bears repeating.
Kaidoh is hot. This always bears repeating.

Always. ♥

MomoKai makeovers? I can't wait!
I feel like I'm copying prillalar. Kaidoh's hotness should never be in debate; the whole world should simply know it for fact. Also, Momo/Kaidoh makeover fanfic? Dare I even ask who is making over who?
That Kaidoh is hot is like water being wet or the sun being hot or the sum of the squares of two sides of a right triangle being equal to the square of the third, except that it is infinitely more interesting to discuss!

Kaidoh is meant to be making over Momo, although at the moment they're just shouting at each other a lot.