Mai Yamani

Math is hard (for some people, apparently)

Our library system staged a contest where employees at all its branches were supposed to log the children's and young adult books they read for two months and turn them in and the branch with the highest average number of pages read per participant would win.

The branch that won, of course, was the one whose librarian was clever enough to send in the reading log of the person who read the most pages and toss the rest.

No, that wasn't ours.
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.... I guess if it's to work in the future they should have a min / max number I guess. D:
Was anything at stake other than pride?

Because if not, (and even if so, for most stakes), man, that's some sad and sorry shit that library pulled. I hope the co-workers there feel good about the fatc that they mineswell not have bothered to read anything.
Just bragging rights and ownership of some kind of trophy until next year. Not that they have much to brag about, with that kind of behavior ...
Yay, the Decemberists are the gift that keeps on giving! I'm glad you enjoyed (and enjoy!).