ready when you are

Yeah, I only show up when I'm asking for stuff

Wow, I fail at updating so, so much. I'm not even entirely sure what I've been doing, because I certainly haven't been fulfilling my new year's resolution to review all the yuletide fic in fandoms beginning with the letters C-Z.

I had a most excellent birthday on Wednesday. Sam and Stan came over and made me curry for dinner and I trounced my brother's high score in Wii bowling so thoroughly that he will likely never recover (his all-time best after months of obsessive playing is 231; mine is 264).

Speaking of Stan, he found some sexy InuKai doujinshi open in a tab on my computer and was all, OMG you read gay porn on the interwebs!!1! To which my response was, well, yeah, I think that is the worst-kept secret in the universe, seeing as I have told you all about it repeatedly. But then he asked me if I could find him any good porn with Tezuka and Echizen and I blithely promised that I could and then I looked through my doujinshi folder and found nothing. I shook all the places on the internet that I could think of, and moths flew out.

I know some of you are TezuRyo fans. If you could point me in the direction of any hot TezuRyo doujinshi, the more explicit, the better, I would be eternally grateful!
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