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Meganes poll!

Stan told I should post here more often. There is some justice to this. However, he failed to answer me when I inquired what, precisely, I should be posting. You can blame him for this post.

On Friday, I decorated my locker at work with photocopies from the Prince of Tennis manga. I put all of Seigaku along the bottom and this panel above my name:

Stan made fun of me for my Inui love and said that his heart belongs to oval glasses, not square ones. (Although I think this really just translates to him perving on Shirota, since his primary Tenipuri exposure is watching the movie twice while providing his own subtitles.) Sam concurred with him, while maintaining that Kaidoh is hotter than both of them. And thus, a pointless poll, for the collection of data:

Poll #886966 Meganes!

So who's hotter, Inui or Tezuka?

Why does it matter when there is Kaidoh?
I protest this poll on general principle of wahhh this is too hard! :( Because nothing is hotter than Inui having his way with Tezuka, and nothing is hotter than Tezuka's way being taken by Inui, and then there's Kaidoh.

In conclusion, it's not Shirota.
I was going to do ticky boxes, and then I was all, no, wait, I'm evil! You must choose!

The Shirota option is mostly for Stan's benefit. Not that he will ever vote.
I'm evil, I know! Sam will be glad to hear that the poll option I created just for him is doing so well.

Shirota is a valuable recruiting tool! I tell my boys that they need to watch gay tennis anime with me and they start backing away slowly, but I dangle Shirota in front of them and suddenly they are very interested in all the possibilities that gay tennis has to offer them.
Reposted because I R Stoopid
I admit to being conflicted for about two seconds. However Inui's glasses are clearly the sexiest in the entire series and really, that's what matters. But the siren call of Kaidoh's bare arms had me for a moment.
Re: Reposted because I R Stoopid
Oh, Inui's glasses! Sometimes I try to compose sonnets in their honor, and then I remember why I swore off poetry years ago.