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My brother got a Wii! He didn't think he was going to be able to afford one, but he earned all the necessary money by standing in line overnight in Minneapolis to buy a PS3 for some guy, and then buying a bunch of computer games on sale on Black Friday and then returning them to Wal-Mart without receipts. (Defrauding Wal-Mart is an important holiday tradition in our family.)

Unfortunately, he promptly took himself and his Wii back to Minneapolis. We had just enough time for me to set it up, have it not be able to read the disc because actually I had set it up upside-down, bowl a couple of games with my dad and Danny and Sam and Stan, fiddle around with the internet connection (the news and weather channels are apparently not in operation yet, but the store is quite prepared to take your money) and then shove it back in the box and throw it to him as he ran out the door.

Nevertheless, it was awesome. I want it back! The worst part is, he couldn't even be bothered to bring back the GameCube he was going to give us, his family, as a consolation prize. He sucks.
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Wal-Mart will allow you to return products without a receipt for store credit. The key is to find items that are heavily discounted elsewhere that they stock at Wal-Mart and are selling for full price. I believe Danny purchased multiple copies of a video game for $25 and returned them (and enlisted his friends to return them, because they do ask for ID and track your returning habits to some extent) for $50. He then liquidated the gift cards by selling them to my mom, I believe.
We are such a Nintendo family. We only own Nintendo consoles and we have all of them, except for like that Virtual Boy thing. My brother's walls are covered in Nintendo posters and half of his t-shirts are Nintendo-related.
nintendo 64 and gameboy advance baby!

like with digital cameras. i prefer my sony. tis beauty