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Things that make me happy today

  1. I have new pajama pants! My brother isn't here anymore to provide me with a fresh supply of clothing to steal, so I had to go to the men's department and pick them out myself after my mother despaired of persuading me to select something fluffy and pink instead. They have pockets! I never want to take them off.

  2. Genius 324. Kaoru-chan. Enough said.

  3. I bought Christmas presents for my brother, Sam and Stan which I'm fairly certain they will all love. I'm so excited about giving people presents this year and I wouldn't even care if no one got me anything. I'm afraid that this means that I'm a grown-up or something.

  4. My hair is awesome. Actually, my hair has been awesome a lot lately, and I was wondering if I had sold my soul to the devil while I wasn't really paying attention or something, and then I found out that the new shampoo my mother picked out for me costs $15 per bottle. Which is too bad, really, because I wasn't using my soul, and I really could have done with an eternity of good hair days.

Just ... just don't even ask how hard I'm failing at NaNoWriMo this year. Or about my yuletide story, which presently consists of scrawlings on an envelope along the lines of "[Character] and [character] [do something]?"
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I am all about ickle crying mistaken-for-a-girl Kaoru-chan. It just -- it seems to fit so well.

Actually, now I really, really, really want to see some doujinshi where Momo and Kaidoh are childhood friends. I know canonically they weren't, but that never stops doujinshika. I don't think fic would work, though, just dj. Or art.

Yay for awesome hair! And good luck with NaNo & yuletide. :) I'm trying to get the draft of my santa_smex done this weekend.
It does, it really does! No wonder the poor boy is so grumpy all the time. Sam will be pleased that he has gained supporting evidence for his Kaidoh apologist position, whereby Kaidoh is not at all scary and just misunderstood.

Mmm, now I want to read the story where ickle Momo has a big old elementary-school crush on adorable wee beskirted sobbing Kaoru-chan, whom he never, ever realizes is the same person as that stupid snake who plays tennis.
Oh, that's a great idea. *loves on them both* They could be all kindergarten engaged and all. It's a total BL manga scenario.
I also got new pj pants recently! fremlin selfishly took his to Toronto with him, so I had to go out and replace my pair that had holes in the back of both legs.

(haha, I almost typed oj pants. Those would definitely not be as cozy, but are much much higher in vitamin C than your average pyjamas.)

Also yay for expensive shampoos. Mine's not quite $15, but it is mostly organic and smells like green tea and limes and is wonderfully reviving at too early o'clock in the morning.
Oooooooooh, green tea and limes! I would have difficult restraining myself from drinking it, I think. That would be bad.
It smells sooooo good. Kiss My Face makes it, it's their everyday use shampoo.

The conditioner is fab as well. I highly recommend it.
Man, not only does everything on their website look completely delicious, but they're sponsors of Car Talk! I see a visit to the health food store in my future ...
Hey, if your NaNo is still present-progressive, you're doing better than I. I bailed when I had 5K at the end of week one, had no idea where my plot was going, and didn't give a shit about my characters.
Yeah, I have twelve thousand words that mostly keep putting me to sleep. There was supposed to be kinky lesbian sex damn it!