Tezuka writer's block

Dear Yuletide Santa

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that I have my assignment already! I cannot believe that you have my assignment already!

(I quite like mine, by the bye, although the perverse part of me perversely wishes that it weren't so goshdarned possible! I kind of wanted to be triple dog dared to lick the flagpole while walking a tightrope! I'm going to enjoy writing it, though, never fear.)

I am so glad that you signed up to write one or more (probably only one) of the fandoms I requested; this automatically makes you awesome. Most of all, I really hope that you write something that you're enthusiastic about, and I will be delighted to share in your enthusiasm, I promise.

If you're writing:

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell -- I kind of hope for but also dread the possibility that you got this assignment, since it features my totally crazy pairing that I ship with all my heart and no one else in the world even entertains, at least as far as I know. But please don't worry, because as long as Childermass and Vinculus interact in some way in your story, even if it is actually a story that it mostly about someone else, I will be completely thrilled!

(I also would not object to filthy, filthy porn, for the record. If by some chance the possibility does not make you go screaming into the night in terror.)

Bagthorpe Saga -- I adore these books (although I've not been able to get ahold of anything past Bagthorpes Liberated here in these degenerate United States, FWIW) and really just want any kind of Bagthrope story, focusing on anyone and everyone. Feel free to ignore my crazed and incoherent suggestions! I wasn't giving any kind of character or pairing prompt and I'm one of those people who like to get some kind of idea of what the other person wants even though I, personally, suck at giving people an idea of what I want, so I was just trying to come up with some possible inspiration.

The Once and Future King -- I dithered a lot before putting this one on here, because I've written it once myself. You definitely shouldn't feel that you should write that story again, because, duh, that's not the point of Yuletide at all. I want to read your story! And again, as long as Arthur and Kay interact somehow, I will be full of squee, because that is the kind of crazy shipper I am.

(Again, I wouldn't object to filthy, filthy porn. Just saying. You definitely don't need to worry about squicking me.)

Thank you so much, kind and generous Santa!

Much love,
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I would totally have entertained that, just for the record. (Wait, don't I already owe you some Childermass/Vinculus?)
Everyone should write me Childermass/Vinculus!

But yeah, I asked for that one last year too.
I, too, entertain Childermass/Vinculus. Their love is so totally canon, OMG! (And the porn should really just write itself, given the set-up between them.)
omg, i'm only halfway through js&mn, but now i want to finish it just to see how childermass/vinculus plays out, because...i can kind of see that, yo.
Do you always have the perfect icon for everything? *admires*

I took that book with me on my flight from Kansas City to Edinburgh so that I wouldn't have to put it down.