I've been haunted by an armchair

The night before Halloween, Stan and I decided to take a little late evening stroll through the semi-wilderness that adjoins my backyard, although it was cloudy and dark and everything that had looked completely benign by daylight had taken on sinister aspects. In an even more ill-advised piece of bravado, we approached a little circular clearing containing two indistinct black objects in the center, saying, "Look how spooky they look when you can't see what they are!"

One of them proved, upon further inspection, to be an upholstered armchair, lying on its back and quietly disintegrating. Laughing, we approached the other one, perhaps a yard or two away.

This one made a sound, and something visibly lunged in our direction.

We clutched each other and screamed like little children and ran away, so I don't know what it was. Anyway, I prefer my interpretation, namely, that the spirit of the armchair is haunting us.

It is, of course, 1 November, and so here is my Obligatory Word Count Meter Graphic:

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1,674 / 50,000

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I tend to stare at my wordcount and stop as soon I see the magic numbers.
a haunted armchair sounds like something you might encounter in an edward gorey tale.
Mmm, I would love to be in an Edward Gorey tale. Even if my chances of surviving the day would plummet precipitiously. ;)