gay figure skating manga

Gay figure skating manga!

This is close enough to what I was looking for a few months ago that I'm going to choose to believe that I personally summoned it into existence: gay figure skating manga!

It's a yaoi one-shot entitled Sono yubi no tadoru kizu (The Wound My Finger Traces) by Tsurugi Kai. You can download it at the scanlators' website here, or I uploaded it to my webspace to here [17.3MB .zip file].

It's cute, a little angsty, not very (visually) sexually explicit, and has lots of pretty figure skating if you like that sort of thing (I do).

Also, Sam and I are really excited about the Boys Love trailer. Sam quite fancies Kotani Yoshikazu to begin with.
I know! Oh Japan, please never stop being so awesome. ♥

I can't wait for the figure skating season to rev up again.
Oh, I how adore Johnny Weir and his hundreds of designer sunglasses and Camille the glove and his enormous crush on Evgeni Plushenko! ♥ ♥ ♥

This site is really useful for figuring out when figure skating is actually going on, since I usually have no clue aside from during the Olympics. I'm such an Olympics whore. If it were possible, I'd watch everything.
i wrote a gushing entry about johnny weir inspired by a washington post article about him, in which i learned he owns shit-tons of louis vuitton purses, a chinchilla scarf, and more designer jeans than me. and his near-mystical quotations!
I remember that article! I would love to go shopping with him. How much fun would that be?
Oh, with the pretty. The beautiful sex tableau at its best. With figure skating! And questionable juices in the last few frames! Love love.
## The Best of the Best in Figure Skating. RC . By Rachel Rutledge. Read by Kristin Allison. 1 cassette.
The picture looks like the black haired guy is going to do "intersting things" involving those figure skates and the blone guy's neck.

When I first looked at the picture, I thought it wasn't just the skates but that his feet, by some feat of twisting, were planted into the blonde one's chest, since it sort of blends into his jacket.

I'll have you know your the reason I know things like this exist. I hope your proud. :P
just wanted to say thankies for the upload! i've never seen a figure-skating yaoi—and i've read a LOT of yaoi. i can only imagine the amazingness awaiting... XD
Thanks for this :) I've also been looking for yaoi figure skating manga and there's more - "Prince of ice" and "Timid flower" - parts 5 and 6 of "Sex therapist" by Kazuma Kodaka, you can download it at Btw it's HARD yaoi so feel warned :).
sorry for intruding, guys
anyone knows FS-yaoi search system or some japanese fanart pages mayhap?