the ordinary princess

Not dead!

My computer's all fixed up and shiny again. I actually don't know what was wrong with my optical drive, but it stopped not working, so I can't really complain, in spite of the fact that I made a trip downtown to the Apple Store to do so. That was slightly awkward. ("Um, you fixed my computer too much!" "So what?" "And also, you replaced my working optical drive with one which does not work!" "Except for the part where it is totally working right now." "Um, yeah. That is true.")

I have been spending approximately all my free time with Sam's older brother Stan, whom I had seen essentially nothing of since high school, because, well. We're both here now, and what else are we going to do? This weekend, though, Sam was here for an orthodontic appointment and the three of us got out our family's collection of Legos, which has actually tripled since the last time we made extensive use of it since my mother picks them up cheap whenever she sees them at garage sales out of nostalgia. Stan built a not-to-scale model of the Abode of Chaos in Lyon, I built a BSDM dungeon (what? There were large Lego whips! It had to be done!), and Sam built something he said was tentacle pr0n.

The best part is that we dumped out the Legos in my brother's bedroom so we will never have to put them away until maybe Thanksgiving.
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