We can rebuild him

I finally received my computer back from Apple, who posted it overnight on the Saturday night before a holiday weekend in order to torment me. As you may or may not recall (probably not, because other people's computer problems are pretty boring) I brought it in for a new B key and a functional microphone.

I ended up with a new microphone, a new optical drive, a new LCD and a reformatted (possibly also new!) hard drive with weird, primitive OS 10.3.5 installed. But that is not all, oh no. When I put in my OS 10.4 DVD to begin the dull and tedious process of restoring my computer to its proper condition, it immediately spit it back out again. And then did it again. And again. Yes. They replaced my perfectly functional optical drive with a bulimic one.

I am simply in no condition to deal with this kind of insanity. I believe I spent more time over the course of my extended geeky slumber party of the last two days installing Ubuntu Linux onto my friend Stan's computer than actually sleeping, and installing Ubuntu Linux doesn't really take that long. Then I had to work this morning, and now I am contemplating the logistics of injecting tea directly into my veins.

Incidentally, I watched the first six episodes of Nobuta wo Produce on my mother's computer on Saturday and somebody really needs to write the fic where Fuji and Inui get together to make Kaidoh the most popular boy in Seigaku. I'm just saying.
Fuji and Inui get together to make Kaidoh the most popular boy in Seigaku. I think you're brilliant. I will also ignore the tech talk because for all that I love my computer, I'm pretty clueless about it.
I may just end up writing it myself, as soon as I manage to reinstall Word, that is Poor, poor Kaidoh. *g*
That somebody could be you!

Poor Kaidoh. I just know he wishes we would leave him alone, but how can we?
This sounds suspiciously like work to me!

Kaidoh suffers so prettily we just can't help ourselves.