Tezuka writer's block

It doesn't have to exist to be the best fic ever!

A while ago, when Sam was out of town for his grown-up science fair, he asked me to send him something without subtitles to watch while he ate. I presented him with an inventory of everything I had on my computer and he ended up requesting the TNG episode Data's Day. Apparently, he rewatched this episode numerous times, because, you know, he was eating, and it was there.

Me: what fic should i write now? there are fics i should be working on, but they're on my laptop so i can't work on them anyway
Sam: oh
Sam: ambassador t'pel / picard 's secret love during the episode data's day
Sam: lol
Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Me: omg i still have never written picard/q
Sam: and hence picard being so additionally upset about her being taken captive
Sam: and offended when he found out she was a spy
Me: *dies laughing*
Me: and cheating on him with that one dude
Sam: ha yes
Sam: !
Sam: that would be funny
Me: jklgfkljgkljglksgj you write it
Sam: lol
Sam: i never write anything
Sam: maybe i should
Me: it would be fun
Sam: this is going to be fucked up though
Sam: oh well
Me: you say that like it's a bad thing!


Sam: i feel like referring to characters by a comparative between some attribute between the pair is overused in fanfiction
Sam: the older boy, etc..
Me: omfg yes
Me: it needs to die
Sam: i feel like making fun of this
Me: hahahahaha
Me: that too
Me: they're called epithets
Sam: like picard and t'pel start getting intimate and i refer to t'pel as the pointier eared
Sam: oh
Me: lol
Me: awesome
Me: gah now i can't find that post where prillalar was making fun of epithets in momokai fic
Me: it was awesome
Me: http://prillalar.livejournal.com/308942.html
Sam: lol
Sam: i like the "It's clip-n-save!"
Sam: very enthusiastic
Me: hahahahaha yes
Sam: it's not as convenient because t'pel and picard share so many attributes
Sam: they are both serious, they are both bald (sort of), they are both diplomatic
Sam: also, they have different sexes so english wants to differentiate between them anyway
Me: lol
Me: yeah, seriously
Me: pronouns make it so inconvenient to write slash
Sam: yeah
Me: i usually err on the side of "oh my god, you can tell which he is which unless you're STUPID"
Sam: also, i don't even know which one is taller and who can tell with that hat
Me: hahahahahahaha
Me: no kidding
Me: well, you can look up the actress on imdb
Sam: it's rather analogous
Sam: she does have greener blood
Me: omfg yes
Me: that needs to be in the story somehow
Sam: ha okay
Me: also, you have to post this on your livejournal
Sam: i was thinking as an epithet

Tragically, I fear this story will never be finished, so I got permission to post this conversation instead.
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