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For Your Information

You can write fic based on my fic. You don't have to ask me for permission first. You don't even have to link me to it if you don't want to, although obviously I would read with interest if you did. Unless you just did a find-and-replace and turned it into a TezuFuji fic. Then I would read with horrified laughter. But by all means, don't let that stop you!

You can write reviews of my fic. You don't even need to like it! You would think this would go without saying, but apparently, not so much.

Also, you can write RPS about me if you want. I suggest pairing me with Liv Tyler, laislabevita, or the Giant Squid, but don't feel limited by these suggestions! Feel free to come up with your own!
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I feel compelled to write really erudite, really fabulous student/mentor Meg/Anna-Maria now.
Possibly you already know this, but you are the coolest person in the entire universe. ♥ ♥ ♥
Well, I would possibly argue that Anna-Maria, straight out of a Fellini movie with her kerchief draped over her head and those diva glasses shielding her eyes, is a bit cooler than I, but far be it from me to argue with my mayhap.
Okay, I take it back. You are hereby demoted to the second-coolest person in the entire universe unless you actually write it. :-P
Kate Winslet. Naked and aboard the Titanic.
Except both of you survive without any stupid leaps from the boat or whatever.
You can be her maid, and you have to comfort her after whatever his name Billy Zane fiancee character freaks her out. You can draw her naked instead of Jack, but I don't think you should fuck her in the backseat of a car. Too cliched.
speaking of there any chance of your writing the project runway/harry potter crossover fic which my soul craves? pretty please? *puppy eyes*
Well, I've never actually seen Project Runway, but why should I let that stop me? Voldemort totally needs a new look ...
oh my god YES! i'm begging you...

...if you're serious i'll upload the most recent PR ep for you---they have to make an outfit out of material from a recycling plant...
Can it be a threesome with Mary Magdalene? I don't want to break up the Biblefic OTP! (Threesome with Judas if we're doing Last Temptation Jesus, though.)
Wait, I'm sorry: I'm going to have to ask you to leave fandom on the grounds of not being a Big Fat Wanky Hypocrite. That's clearly against policy.
Whoops! Um ... I mean ... THOU SHALT LOVE ME AND DESPAIR, BITCHES! Everything in my stories is copyrighted to me and if you look at it funny, you die!